My Life on the Wall for the Crawl

Spring Art Crawl happened last week -- thought I'd put up a post about it!

I know, I know - I never even said the Art Crawl was coming up.... That's how busy I've been.... So busy that I didn't even have time to make chickens for the wall! But at least I am here today giving a sample of what I did get up! I had been working on other projects - including digging into my life for moments that hold meaning to help in some memoir writing. So for the Crawl, I decided to shorten some of these moments into tiny haiku* form and add illustrations.* Which actually ended up being a great help! In the process of whittling down words and finding a snapshot image for each in my mind, I was able to pull more clarity in regards to what specific importance the moments held. (And it was just really fucking fun!)

I had a total of 24 up for the Art Crawl and plan to continue the series. Here are a few:

 Circumstances of My Birth

Dad held the lighter
that lit my mom's cigarettes
while she birthed me out.

Heart Throb Cures

My love and Water
Andy Gibb forty five plays -
cures my chicken pox.

Confirmation Day

Menstrual blood stain
on confirmation outfit
confirms God's not real.


Neighbors excuse for
peeping in my front window:
"I thought we were friends."

Sorry, Dad.

Dad can be so sweet
Carried TV up three flights!
OOOPS. There's my dildo.


*notes on the haiku:
The haiku are not traditional Japanese haiku but simply follow the 5,7,5 syllable count. Some would call them senryu –or even spam-ku. Maybe we can call them “Cam”ku.

*notes on the illustrations:
I drew my illustrations with my left hand - I am right-handed. For much of my life I felt the need to be perfect (as defined by others) in all that I did. I, myself, tended to find perfection in imperfection, preferring pre-school art shows to art museums. I decided I would have more success meeting my own standards if I were to use my “weaker” hand. And I did!

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Claire said...

awesome! sorry dad is my favorite :)