CREATIVITY! (it's important...)

Often times creative people are called nonconformists, oddballs, weirdos... but that is often because creativity is only viewed in the sense of the artistic realm. And we artists are, indeed, often nonconformist oddball weirdos. (Not really. We are actually pretty normal and boring, we just pretend well and dress funny.) Anyhow, what I want to say is that creativity is about problem solving. It is about looking at things from new angles, finding new approaches, having limitless ways of seeing. 

The ability to look at things and link them together in new ways to form new things and new ideas and come up with solutions no one else ever thought of, that is creativity. And that is something everyone needs to have - not just the artists of the world.

Even though you don't have to be an artist to be creative, one of the best ways for children to build creativity skills, is by making art, by becoming a young artist. Playing with art materials at a young age engages children in the process of creation and problem solving. It teaches them to take risks, use their imagination, be flexible and spontaneous. The list of benefits that some time engaging with the arts can give a child is almost endless.

Make art with your kids if you can -- if you can't, I will be leading some classes that you will find listed here and there are always plenty around the Twin Cities for kids. I will be adding more here about kids and creativity as time goes!

You can call 612-388-5308 to register for the classes below.

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