Bok! Bok! Putt! Putt! -- Season Two

Alumni News: Cami Applequist 1995 - BA Business/Communications - now designing minigolf holes.  (Wait, What?)

Twenty-five years ago today I was two days from turning 20 years old. I doubt that on my list of things I hoped to accomplish entering college as a business student was to design a mini-golf hole by age 45. In fact, my guess is it probably never crossed my mind. But everything in my life over the past 25 years has led me to a place where that is my artist reality now, two days before my 45th birthday. And it's fun!

Making chicken art is a way better gig than doing business communications.
(No Offense Dr. Gauthreaux.) 

"Guess What? Chicken Putt!" was designed last year by Brian Fewell and me and is available to play for its second season at the Walker Sculpture Garden all summer in Minneapolis!

#ChickenPutt with a picture if you go!

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