I live in Lowertown: the heart of Saint Paul, Minnesota and one of the most amazing arts districts in the country. If someone would have told me back in 10th grade that I'd be living in this type of neighborhood surrounded by so many whacky wonderful artists and art lovers I would have told them to stop putting unrealistic dreams in my head.

Right now anyone can drive though Lowertown and see the faces that inspire and engage me every day. Three wonderful women in Lowertown Nancy Reardon, Rachel Wacker and Gail Groop organized our participation in a Global public art project called Inside Out  begun by French artist, JR. He calls the project INSIDE OUT to reflect his mission to “turn the world Inside Out” through art.

On the Project site you can see global locations and images of beautiful  faces around the planet who are taking part www.insideoutproject.net (make sure to check out the 'best of' section if you do't have time to look at it all. 

The Inside Out Lowertown project can be found at www.InsideOutLowertown.com complete with bios of the artists and images of some of our work. It's really an awesome thing - take time to check it out if you can!


(that's me there - number 4 - hoping no one adds a mustsche... but then I'll just look like
Justin, number 1 - and that's OK too I guess... He's adorable.)


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