Why I am not a Christian Jock

I am not an athlete. I have never been an athlete. I do not crave athletic victory. I saw this little plaque at my favorite thrift store today. Maybe this is my problem: I just don't love Jesus enough because I am a Unitarian.

Actually - probably not. I'm probably just really crappy at sports.

Jesus doesn't have anything to do with the images on this plaque. I spent four years studying at a Christian seminary and not once did  I see a class listing for Sports Victories with Jesus or How to Score With Christ. In fact most of the classes I took seemed to say the opposite of what this here little plaque says. And I'll be honest, I never read the whole Bible, but I seriously doubt it says "If Thou forgets not the teachings of Christ while partaking in Motocross and Baseball competitions, victories are guaranteed." In fact, they didn't even have motorcycles and baseballs back in the days when they thought the earth was flat. I know that for sure.

I bought the plaque for 99 cents. I didn't want some little old lady getting it for her great grand-children and giving them the wrong message about Jesus. I'm not a Christian but I have a lot of respect for Jesus and what the man was trying to do way back before he died and people became Christians who eventually wound up making things like this ridiculous plaque.

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