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Here is why:

I have always been an artist and a writer. For much of my life I didn't know how important these things were to me. I didn't grow up in a community where the arts played an important role or mattered much to anyone. My immediate family and most of my extended family, with the exception of one aunt, didn't put much emphasis on the arts so I never nourished those parts of myself as much as was necessary for me to recognize myself as an artist early on in life. In fact, I flat out ignored those aspects of myself for a very long time.

I was forced to pay attention to that part of me, however, when I was faced with illness. I was diagnosed with clinical depression during college and while in treatment for that realized that a major part of who I was had been missing from who I was and in order for me to heal I needed to take care of that. I found great amounts of peace and joy in art therapy and found myself creating things that people appreciated beyond their ability to help with my own healing process. I continued to make art and have now made it my life. As my treatment continued I also realized that my relationship with food was very disordered and continued treatment at The Emily Program which is a national eating disorder treatment center headquartered in the Twin Cities and am fully recovered from both depression and my eating disorder.

I tell this story as an introduction to a series of blog posts I will be writing for The Emily Program's Blog. As a recovered client, I have been asked to contribute to their blog for a few months to tell my story. Without help from places like The Emily Program I would not be making art, I would not be fully myself and I know many others who share my story. Please take a moment to learn about them and their program. Tuck them away in your pocket because chances are you will have opportunity to pass their information along to someone you care about someday - and that person will be very grateful.

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