Guess What? There's No Chicken Yet!

A couple of weeks ago, Brian Fewell (that's him squinting into the sun with me and the fox there to the left) and I got to go to the Walker Art Center and see the mini-golf hole we designed brought to life. "Guess What? Chicken Putt!" was finally up and running and we were going to get to play it and publicize it with real live TV crews and newspaper people and be real live official recognized ARTISTS for the afternoon. But what we mostly cared about was seeing the chicken. All the way there we were squealing about getting to see the chicken sitting there in the sun,
larger that life, waiting for golf balls to come flying at her.... We parked the car and scurried across the course to our hole and could not find a chicken. We held back our tears and screams of disappointment and managed to make it through the media interviews without breaking down, but did follow up with the Walker team the next day.  We have been told that there was a misstep and that a chicken is on her way to the hole.  As soon as I have word that she has arrived, I will invite the world to go meet her there - meanwhile you can go play the hole and imagine, as we did with the media and the opening night guests, all of the possibilities for her absence: fear of the fox, eaten by the fox, fear of the media, fear of the public, dislike of golf, dislike of art, not an urban chicken......

When they do get her to the hole she should be sitting on the upper section on the end farthest from the tee off square. (That there is Nicole Johns attempting a hole in one!)

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