A Toothless Cat and Chicken Tights

I got home from work tonight following a slow drive through the first snowfall of the season. I was on the verge of super-grumpy when I looked through my mail and saw the Healthy Pet magazine the vet sends out quarterly. This was attached to the cover:

Needless to say my mood changed entirely. I would like someone to animate this toothless cat for me so I can make it say stuff.

After I laughed at the cat, I popped onto the internet to look up the menu of a local Brazilian restaurant. I saw this:

I lived in Brazil for a couple of years. Not once did I see a chicken in tights. Not one single time. And as far as I know I never ate any chicken tights either, fried or otherwise. I need to get back down there and check this out. My life would be complete if I could see a chicken in tights.

P.S. Meesha is one of the names of my cat who I just call KittyCat. She is a hand me down cat who has also been called Morrison. I wasn't sure how to spell Meesha so I let the girl at the vet decide. I kind of think she was wrong...

P.P.S. I should probably call the Brazilian restaurant and tell them about this... but I am not going to. It makes me too happy to know this is out there in cyberspace. And who knows, maybe it is correct.

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