If you are a big critter, stay away from Applequist farms.

If I had grown up on a farm, like much of my extended family, I am guessing that this conversation between my cousin and her parents would not have been unexpected.

Cousin:  Dad, remember when you killed that woodchuck with a hoe?
Uncle:   Yeah. (haha)
Aunt:     How about that skunk on the patio?
Uncle:   Yeah, I shot him with a 22.
Cousin: We had to kill a huge possum in the barn with that big metal deal last night.
Aunt:     Oh no! (hahahaha)
Cousin:  Did you remember to bring me a gun?
Aunt:     Yeah, I brought you that little pistol and that old shot gun.

Things learned:
My uncle is vicious with a hoe. My uncle will shoot you if you go uninvited on his patio and stink it up. My aunt and uncle have more than two guns on their farm and now my cousin has at least two on her little acreage. 

And they worry about me in the city....

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