After 27 years I want to go to Kmart again.

Most television ads annoy the hell out of me. I am highly critical of media in general but especially ads since I know their whole purpose is to make me spend money I do not have on things I do not need, and that may in fact be detrimental to my physical or mental health (i.e. junk food and beauty products). BUT this week Kmart won me over. Everyone at the advertising firm where this ad was made needs a raise because this ad makes me want to go to Kmart. Which I never wanted to do before.*

You have most likely seen this already since it went viral a few days ago. 
Watch it again. 
For readers with English as their second language:
Ship my pants vs. Shit my pants. That's all. But it got me.

*Anyone who knew me in 1986 knows this is a lie. I went to Kmart all the time and wandered the shoe department with hopes of spotting the boy who had poofy hair and wore eye-liner. My friends and I spent a lot of time outside of Osco Drug at the mall too for the same reason - different poofy haired boy in make-up though.

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