Special Gifts and Awesome Parties

Little Tommy gave me a handful of fresh poop today.* This probably shouldn't make me feel special but it does. I don't think little kids just randomly give their poop away - especially little boys. They have a hard time letting their poop go. Years ago I had to convince one reluctant little boy that his poop got to go to a poop party if it fell right from his bottom into the potty. I said that if it landed anywhere else including a diaper, his underwear, the floor, the grass and, yes, even his hands, it would miss the party and feel left out. It worked, but only after a few very important questions were answered.

Q: What are they wearing at the poop party?  A: Party hats.
Q: Is it all my poop or is everyone's poop there? A: Everyone's poop.
Q: Does dog poop go to the party? A: Only if it goes directly into the potty.
Q: What do they drink at the poop party? A: Pee. (his brother answered that one, not me.)
Q: What do they eat? A: Nothing, of course. Poop doesn't eat! (Again, his brother.)
Q: Where do they go after the poop party? A: The party never ends. They just take breaks and naps.
Q: Are my poops boy poops and your poops girl poops? A: Sure, why not.
Q: Is there music and do they dance? A: Definitely.

He pooped in the potty every time after that. And each and every time he did, we answered all of those questions and each and every time we would watch it swirl around when he flushed and we'd wave and yell "Bye! Have fun at the poop party!"

He just turned eighteen. He probably doesn't do that any more. I, however, on occasion still do.

Poops at the poop party...duh.

*Dear Parents, Tommy's hands were thouroughly washed and dried after the poop gifting incident. As were mine. We used paper towels and wipes so no worries, there is no poopy laundry you need to search for in the basement. (At least not from Tommy.) Also, this is  a very good example of why I end up needing to take sick days on occasion.

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