Self Awareness Via Kids

A couple of days ago I wrote about learning from children at work that my cleavage looks just like a butt. Since then I have been thinking about some other things I have learned about myself while hanging out with people much younger than me.

When I was about 33 years old, I learned that I was not an adult. There was a day when little Phoebe was very angry with her mother because she could not have a Diet Coke and I got to have one.
Phoebe: "How come Cami gets to drink Diet Coke!?"
Phoebe's mom: "Because Cami is a grown-up and Diet Coke is for grown-ups."
Phoebe: "Cami is NOT a GROWN-UP. Cami is a KID!"
Phoebe's mom: "No, Cami is a grown-up. That's why she can babysit you."
Phoebe: "She is not a grown-up."
Me: "Yes, I am."
Phoebe: "No. You're not." Then she left the kitchen and didn't talk to us for twenty minutes.

I have also learned that I can't sing. Well, I knew it already but it has been verified over and over as I try to keep up with Raffi and Peter, Paul and Mary.
Kid 1: "Cami, will you please not sing."
Kid 2: "Cami, you're ruining the song."
Kid 3: "Cami, you're a really bad singer."
Kid 4: "Are you trying to sing? It doesn't really sound like singing."
Kid 5: "Cami, why can't you sing good?"
Me: "It's well. Why can't I sing well." (...you horrible honest little %&$#*@....)

The best thing I have learned though came years ago from a young man who is now 6'6" tall and attending a Catholic university. He assured me that I will be going to heaven when I die. Out of the blue one day when he was six, Sam looked me straight in the eye and said with all certainty, "Cami, when you die you'll for sure go to heaven." I asked why and he said, "Because God won't want to stop hearing you laugh." He wasn't at the Catholic university yet but he already had connections with nuns at grade school so I am holding tight to his prediction.  This, by the way, is by far the sweetest thing anyone anywhere has ever said to me. Ever, ever, ever... And I will never forget it.

I will also never forget that I can't sing. And that I am not an adult. I hope immature people who can't sing can still get into heaven.

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