Keep your minds on your own genitals.

Re: same-sex marriage
Genitals should have nothing to do with marriage rights. As a licensed minister I have been privileged to join a few very loving couples I know well in marriage. I never once considered their genitalia and yet I was able to unite them for life with my signature. My signature could also unite men and women I know nothing about except for the fact that one has a penis (and balls) and the other a vagina (and a vulva). These could be people who have just met, are in an abusive relationship, are forced into marriage by family, are lying to each other, are simply not in love....or who in any other way have absolutely no business being married. They could be united for life with my signature. But I cannot unite any couple who has every reason to be married but happen to have matching genitalia. Where is the logic? Why does the SUPREME COURT have to get involved in this? Seems like if they are making decisions for gay couples then there should be a court analyzing each and every marriage. 

Re: same-sex parenting
The people that say same-sex couples should not raise children because it will fuck the kids up are the only people* I see that will actually fuck up the kids of same-sex couples.  These people are assholes raising their own kids to be assholes and all of these assholes are the ones that will be damaging the self-esteem and well-being of kids being raised by loving committed people who happen to be of the same gender. Asshole bullying is the problem, not the love of same-sex parents. So let's stop letting assholes get married and raise kids - not just to help the children of gay parents but to protect kids of the assholes from the abusive hate-teaching they get at home. Teaching hate should really be officially defined as child abuse, by the way.

Re: same-sex sex
Do people who sit around thinking about and discussing their gay neighbors or gay parents of their child's classmate or their gay clergy person having sex sit around and think about everybody having sex? Do they imagine the specifics of other classroom parents having sex? Do they sit in church imagining the middle aged choir members doing it? Are they super interested in what their other neighbors are doing with their genitals? If so, then I'd say they are the ones who shouldn't be married or having kids. If not, why are they so busy talking about homosexual sex acts? They should really keep their minds on their own genitals.

*I fully understand that same-sex couples will not raise perfect children and we are all a little bit fucked up and we all can blame our parents for a little bit (or a lot) of it.  My point here is about the argument that kids will get fucked up specifically and solely because their parents are a same-sex couple. The same-sex issue only becomes a negative issue when the assholes get involved.

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