It's Finally Official. I'm a Bitch.

I have been called a bitch before on several occasions.
More often than not it's just because someone is gay and feels like he needs to say it at least 15 times a day to qualify as gay....Travis.
Sometimes it's because I play a killer game of Scrabble...mom.
Sometimes it's because I do something funny to my sister that is really only funny to me ....Coco.
Once it was because someone at my job felt threatened by me. (not physically - I have never threatened anyone physically - except that time I threatened to swing a curling iron at a college roommate who was running after me with a big stick... probably because she thought I was a bitch.)
And I am guessing a few kids have uttered bitch to me under their breath for making them turn off the TV...Danny, Claire, Maggie, James, Ellen.....
Yesterday it was because I was actually being nice in traffic... lady in the black Cadillac with the vanity plates that say your name - which I will not put here because I do not want you to come kill me  - and who yelled BITCH at me and flung your arms around when I slowed down to let a car in at that weird exit/entrance spot on 35W south and 35th Street and then sped around me flailing your arms like you were having some sort of medical issue and then gave me the finger.
But now it's official. I am on a list. I am BITCH #1159240.
This is actually the mailing label for BITCH magazine
which I recently subscribed to. So I am probably not really
 an official bitch. Just an unofficial one.

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