Ancient Chinese Fortunes - by me.

I am in the process of turning fortunes from fortune cookies into Haiku. My friend, Gretchen, and I are going to make Hai-Coo-kies for people to eat when they visit the Lowertown Lofts during the St. Paul Art Crawl. Here are a few preliminary ones I came up with last night.

A smile is the same
in all the world's languages
and so is a fart.

You will very soon
chew up cookie bits inside
of your happy mouth.

Always chew with mouth
closed or cookies may spill out
onto your clean shirt.

I don't know for sure
that we will use all of these
Gretchen may veto.

That last one was not
a Hai-coo-kie Haiku by
the way - just Haiku.

Good night. Good night. Good
Night. Good night. Good night. Good night.
Good night. Good night. Bye.

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