Wheel Liars

I watch Wheel of Fortune quite a bit and have since my Gramma got me hooked in the 80s. I like it but I've been patiently waiting for the day someone says to Pat Sajak, "Yes, that's right Pat, I am married. I've been married to my asswad of a husband for ten miserable years and we have three ungrateful shitty kids." Not one person has ever said anything like that and I find it hard to believe they are all as happy as they claim to be. Some of them must be liars. I might try to get on the show just to say something like that.

Also, here is a fun fact: In 1992 Vanna White was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as Television's Most Frequent Clapper.

And here is a quick question: Was I being hit on if a man in his fifties looked right at me when he was walking by whistling the tune to Flo Rida's Blow My Whistle Baby in the parking lot?

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