Keep Your Undies Clean - More About Toilet Paper Ads

The agencies responsible for toilet paper ads must be doing a great job because their ads always grab my attention. Or maybe it's just because I am surrounded by kids and much of my time is dedicated to discussions about poop and pee and wiping and itchy, stinky bottoms.... Whatever the reason, toilet paper ads stick with me. I think I might use these two ads as educational tools at work. There have been a couple of undies issues lately...  

But because kids are smart and don't miss a thing (except that a human being gave birth to a mouse in Stuart Little) I sense there might be a few questions and the message may get lost. 
Cami, why are those underwear so little? They would never fit that bear's big butt.
Why do the bears have clothes that they wash when they are always naked?
Do bears wipe their butts for real?
Are there really bears that do wear underwear?
Do bears have toilets and bathrooms?
If we can just wash my underwear in the washer why do I have to wipe carefully?
Here are my answers by the way:
You'll have to ask the ad people about the underwear size. I'm sure there is a well-researched reason.
You'll have to ask the ad people about the nudity, too. While you're at it, ask them if they know why Little Bear is always naked when his parents are clothed:

I have never seen a real bear in underwear but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Same goes for bear bathrooms and wiping, but generally bears just shit in the woods and do not wipe.
You need to wipe well so you don't get an itchy butt and so that you don't smell like poop when you're climbing all over me. (which, again is what I wish the ads really said.)
I also want to mention that Charmin has a facebook page and they have posted things that I wish they would use in their TV ads: January 28 -Just because today can be craptastic, doesn't mean your toilet paper has to be. Happy Monday.  February 5 - Use less doesn't mean useless.

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