A Little Rant About Radio DJs

I am finally going to say it: Someone needs to tell radio DJs to shut the fuck up unless they are talking about music. I guess I have actually said it many times but now I have typed it! I am permanently putting it on record that I think: Someone needs to tell radio DJs to shut the fuck up unless they are talking about music.

I appreciate knowing about the artists, the concerts, the history of a song - even the opinion of the DJ about the song. But when it comes to things unrelated to music, I prefer that they shut the fuck up. This pertains to all sorts of topics including marriage, infidelity, how to raise children, what's appropriate and what's not when it comes to body hair, how much money a person should spend on a Valentine's day present, how much sex is too much sex, working moms vs. stay at home moms....and so on and so on.  Today the topic was Mindy McCready's suicide.

Mindy McCready has died by her own hand. Awful news. But that's all it is. Awful news. THE END.

No more on air analyzing of her "decision" to die.
No more saying she is a horrible mother for leaving her children.
No more calling her crazy.
No more inviting listeners to call in to talk about her.
.... and so on and so on.

Here is what 96.3 KTWIN* asked this morning on the Cane & Co. Listener Slant for Tuesday: Sympathy or Anger? How do you feel about Mindy McCready’s suicide? She is survived by her two young sons... one is six years old and the other 10 MONTHS old.  Bias unintended I am sure.

I didn't call in because I was driving but here is what I would have said:

You are radio DJs. Disc Jockeys. Music slingers. Entertainers. Not mental health professionals. Not therapists. You are not qualified to lead a discussion on a sensitive topic that touches the lives of so many people in horrific ways.  You would not discuss the ethics of dying of cancer. Do not do this with suicide either. You have a lot of listeners and a lot of power. Why not take the opportunity to educate and help erase the stigma of mental illness instead? If you can't do that then please just shut the fuck up unless you are talking about music. (or the traffic and weather, that's OK. But nothing else. Wait, maybe chickens and goats too. But that's it. Nothing else.)

P.S. www.save.org   --  www.makeitok.org

*This is the facebook version of the question of the day.  The all caps in MONTH is theirs. I sort of got into an argument with them on facebook today about this question - but I was much more polite than I am being here.

*Just in case someone from KTWIN reads this and gets pissed off I should mention that not ALL of the comments on the show about Mindy McCready's suicide were negative. But much of what I heard was very negative and I am only picking on them because they happened to be the station I stayed on - many stations have aired the same sort of discussion.

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