A Good Ol' South Dakota Christmas

I came across this in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader when I was back home for Christmas a couple of years ago.
No one seriously injured. No one arrested. No one identified. They were probably drinking.
But it was news. Just more evidence for the haters that South Dakota is, indeed, all about hicks and rednecks. Which it is NOT. In fact here are some direct quotes from the Urban Dictionary's South Dakota entry to prove it.
South Dakota: A state that isn't half as bad as people make it sound. Sure they have their rednecks but that only fills a eleventh of the state's popularity.
(See? Only a eleventh of the state's popularity is redneck)
South Dakota isn't what everyone thinks it is. I mean, sure, we have our rednecks and our crazy people.. but thats not what makes our state.
(See? The rednecks and crazy people don't make the state.)
fuck you all!!! south dakota is awesome!! you wouldn't know unless you lived there, and i live there!! no we are not just a bunch of fat farmers, we actually have a life and do have modern day things like any other state. so shut the fuck up!!! you don't know south dakota
SD may have a small population, but kiss my ass
(See? Fuck you! South Dakota is awesome! And has modern day things... like knives... for Christmas Eve celebrations.)
Just so you know - I grew up in South Dakota and we never ever celebrated Christmas with knife fights at our house. Although we were probably drunk.

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