5...4...3...2...1 BLAST OFF!

The only time my cat moves faster then a sloth is right after she poops. I know all cats have a tendency to run like mad after they take a dump - but for my cat this is a large feat.  I assume she was peppy at one point but I have never seen it because she came to me already old and fat (oops, sorry Kitty, I meant to say aged and disabled.) Her miraculous morning race around the studio this morning had me curious as to why cats do that. I was hoping that my google search would result in the discovery that cats have rocket launch technology in their buttholes that is triggered by bowel movements and launches them across the room. I can think of no other explanation for my cat's sudden athletic ability and interest in running.  I read a few articles and it turns out no one really knows. Scientists have theories, but as of the writing of blog post none that I came across have mentioned that cat butts are rocket launchers.

I may call Animal Planet tomorrow. I may be right. They may want me on a show. 

(I should probably google 'do cats have anal rocket launchers' first.... whoa - google that and you get sex, guns and terrorism. Who knew?)

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