Minnesota Ice Lessons

I learned two valuable lessons while making my way around on the icy sidewalks and parking lots of Minneapolis yesterday:

1. If you're going to smash into someone's parked car in an icy coffee house parking lot, make sure it belongs to the nice barista. She'll feel bad for you and give you a free latte after she gets your insurance information.

2. Walk with baby steps on the ice. (or just stay home)  Because the minute you start walking with regular strides and extra confidence down an icy sidewalk you will fall right on your ass. And it won't be easy to stand back up because ice is slippery. And you might just want to sit there melting the ice with your warm butt and crying until it's not slippery anymore so you can get up without looking like a clumsy idiot. Then you'll realize if you do that your pants will get wet and you won't have access to dry pants until the end of the day and it will be uncomfortable and people may think you wet your pants so you'll try to get up and then you'll fall on your ass again before managing to stand.

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