A general statement about (most of) my work:

We only see what we look at….to look is an act of choice. John Berger

My work is about seeing. It is about choosing to look in order to see. It is about the potential to recognize the reality that surrounds us in its entirety rather than accepting the limited reality that others would like us to believe is the whole of what is. We are bombarded with images that we look at because others make that choice for us in their magazines and newspapers, on their billboards and websites, in their stores and even in schools. What we are looking at often doesn’t provide us with an opportunity to make or understand our own reality nor can it help us to know ourselves and the world. By deciding to travel this world choosing to look at what really is I have been able to notice realities beyond the limited reality we are conditioned to see. When I catch a glimpse of a tree through pink glass I see a new tree: one that resides in a pink sky. When I see a shadow of a toy dancing on the counter I see a reality where toys dance. The destruction and mess of a fallen tree give way to an image of the complex beauty that resides within. A flower becomes a home for light. A reflection off of a car tells the story of a flying cow. I work at capturing images of the new realities I find for myself and bringing them to the viewer without digital manipulation. The final image is just as I saw it. I enjoy sharing the images with others because the images themselves gain new meaning and new stories from each person who chooses to look. It is my hope that the lives of the images will continue to grow and that their own realities will expand. My goal is to capture and share images that will act as stepping stones for viewers to begin a new way of looking: a way of looking that will offer them the ability to see what their own true reality is.

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