Summer Feet!

It's a happy day for feet in Minnesota when we can go outside and play!
These photos were taken the last week of June and are showing for the month of July at 'A Fine Grind' Coffee House in St. Paul with some great art by my friends in L7*.

(Superstar Summer Soccer Feet, Summer Feet with Dirt)
(Summer Feet on the Rocks, Summer Feet with Summer Splats)

(Summer Sandal Feet, Summer Flip-floppling Feet)

(Cowboy Feet)

* L7 is an exciting group of seven women artists who meet a couple of times a month to discuss, show and make art! We met as proteges in the WARM mentorship program - which is something every female artist in Minnesota should look into!

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heather l murphy said...

LOVE the feet pictures! I think "cowboy feet" is my favorite!