Kitchen Lives

A few photos from my series entitled 'Kitchen Lives' - my first ever show!
They hung in the Amazon Bookstore Cooperative (unrelated to Amazon.com) in the month of February 2008 as part of the WARM Mentorship Program of which I have been a part for the past couple of years. It is an incredible program that is full of AMAZING women and has really helped me develop and identify as an artist.
Titles from top to bottom: Apprehensive Patience, Listening in Gold, Great Goose Getaway and Gossip.
The Statement that accompanied the show is:
I believe that everything has life; everything has a story worth hearing.

This series of photos brings out into the open several stories that had lived unheard in my kitchen until a child came to visit. She noticed a pig: a small plastic pig. The pig is one of several plastic animals that have wandered the window sills and door jams of my kitchen keeping me company as I have cooked and washed dishes. I enjoyed their presence but didn’t give them full attention until the child’s visit.

A few days after the pig’s moment of play with my young friend I walked into the kitchen to find it on the counter. It was standing in the sunlight casting a shadow that fully brought it to life. I pulled down the others and had a flurry of small plastic creatures become animated on the counter as they all stood in the sun casting lively shadows. They begged to be photographed. In the process of taking the photographs I discovered that the animals and their shadows were full of stories that needed to be shared.

With this series I hope to bring viewers into contact with a new friend, offer an opportunity to hear a new story and the chance to spend a moment with someone they might otherwise overlook.

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these are SO COOL Cami! Hope your having a good week... talk to ya soon!